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Way back in 1990’s Solomon raju a young man, was driven by the extraordinary dream to see a day when no Indian would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development. Like many of us, too was upset when he saw disparities between privileged and underprivileged. He hated to see people striving with hunger, from improper and unhygienic toilets, like sanitation, and a lack of women’s safety. Girls had to defecate outdoors at the crack of dawn, and many girls would drop out of school because of a lack of hygienic sanitation facilities, children begging and working as servants. Unlike most of us though, he did something about it. He visited children in hospitals, held reading and writing classes for street children, and started a free dispensary at a slum .These qualities of resourcefulness and determination would come in handy.

Following a lot of self-doubt and questioning, In December 1990 ,Solomon started BREAD which is an acronym for “BETHESDA RURAL ECONOMICAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT” With Bethesda meaning HOUSE OF MERCY after going through the devasting floods in the same year(1990) in month of may in his hometown-TUNI with the unprecedented rain that lashed his district threw normal life out of gear and the worst hit was the National Highway 5 with lorries and vehicles stranded as far as the eye could see and people were caught in it with no help, food or water. The jam began with water with vehicles stretched up to 70km.Many villages in TUNI & Payakarao peta and S. Rayavaram mandals were marooned witnessing its worst flood with several colonies being flooded. Villagers of TUNI complained that water flowed through their houses and they had nothing to fall back upon and they did not get any help.

We work around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

His interactions with his fellow beings gave him sleepless nights, as he empathized with their problems and felt irresponsible if he did not act. Rural areas had multiple issues stemming . Solomon wanted to change the scenario, but his inexperience in the social sector made him unsure, and delayed his work even more. He started identifying some of his friends who would be interested in the cause, and spoke to them about starting some activities and creating awareness. Initially, his friends were slightly skeptical, as they were apprehensive about how people would react, whether there would be any cooperation from the public, and whether they would even be heard.

Our Mission

All through the early, difficult years, it was Solomon’s passion and conviction that drove BREAD. He was firmly convinced that each of us can, in our own small way, be agents of change, and when enough of us are moved to this, the impact is a lasting change for the better. All he asked of people was that they help BREAD by doing what they were good at. As he put it “LOVE you neighbor as yourself”

Although I’m 46 years old, I feel I still have a lot to give back to society. Sometimes it makes me restless as there is a lot to do and there is very little time.” These lines sum up Solomon’s never-ending passion, which has been creating an impact in and around TUNI since 1990”.

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