Why Should I Care :

“He who sees the calamity of other people finds his own calamity light.” Among the various types of natural disasters affecting different parts of the country, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami and droughts cause maximum damage to life and property. The worst affected in any natural disasters are undoubtedly the poor and the marginalized sections of the society. They are most vulnerable to suffer from natural disasters, and their ability to recover from the shock brought by a disaster is the lowest. As a result of a disaster, the deprived sections of the society face an immediate and acute shortage of resources and also lose their access to livelihood in many cases. .

How we work :

Today, BREAD’S disaster response model is equipped to rush in quickly to reach out not only to the elderly but also to the community at large at times of large scale disasters, providing relief with food, clothing and shelter to establishing long-lasting rehabilitation programs. BREAD recognizing this differential vulnerabilities and losses within the affected communities support them with the provision of relief to the victims of natural calamities. We raised donations, provided medical and survival relief and help establish long term rehabilitation projects. BREAD works hand in hand with the local governments to support the people affected by the disaster. As soon as news of a disaster hits, BREAD reaches out to our partners in the affected area to assess their most critical needs. We then ready truckloads of disaster relief supplies for immediate shipment including EKGs, catheters, syringes, and gloves. We also provide wound-care and sanitation products such as gauze, medical tape, band-aids, dressings, towels, drapes.

How Can You Help
  • Offer your services as doctors, counselors, paramedics.
  • Donate towards the
  • Relief Funds fund and adopt Rehabilitation projects.
  • As a corporate or a registered Trust, you can donate various kinds of services or monitory funds to help people afflicted by disasters.