Why Should I Care :

India had 90 million elderly persons in 2011, with the number expected to grow to 173 million by 2026. Of the 90 million seniors, 30 million are living alone, and 90 per cent work for their livelihood. The number of elderly women is more than that of elderly men. Nearly three out of five single older women are very poor, and two out of three rural elderly women are fully dependent on others for want of appropriate livelihood opportunities towards economic security. With poor social security arrangements for the elderly, it is not surprising that around 37 million elderly in India need to work in order to survive. A majority of these workers are illiterate or have limited levels of education. Rural Elderly have been doubly disadvantaged as the access issues common to rural areas to health, economic and development services are only exacerbated due to the fact that the elderly are invisible and unorganized.

How we work :

BREAD believes in helping individuals live a life of dignity. . In order to decrease the socio-economic vulnerability, particularly the disadvantaged in the rural areas, BREAD WORKS With these viable and sustainable groups and to facilitate their federation at local and district level. To acheive this our livelihood programs focuses on generating sustainable livelihoods.This is done through capacity building,fostering community links,accessing adequate doses of financing,investing in livelihood assets,microfinance,PUMP sets ,agriculture equipement and promoting small businesses etc.. It also actively strives to reach various government entitlements. Further, BREAD invests in imparting knowledge and skills to local volunteers and develop them as village level para professionals working

How Can You Help
  • You can volunteer as a village level professional assisting these groups
  • As a corporate or a registered Trust, you can sponsor a Group or fund costs of equipment and material towards seed capital.