Why Should I Care :

According to the World Health Organization, more than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. 663 million people still live without clean water in developing countries around the world. Many walk 2-4 hours a day to swamps and rivers to gather dirty water for their families. Nearly all deaths, 99 percent, occur in the developing world. The lack of clean potable water causes countless gastro-intestinal sicknesses (Cholera, Dysentery, Acute Diarrhoeal Illness, etc), which afflicts mostly children. Water and Sanitation Health works to combat this problem. Still, 1 out of 10 people do not have access to an improved source of drinking water and more than a third of the world's population does not have access to a hygienic means of basic sanitation. Individual health and hygiene are largely dependent on adequate availability of drinking water and proper sanitation.There is therefore a direct relationship between waater sanitation and health.Consumption of unsafe drinking water,improper disposal of human excreta,improper environmental sanitation and lack of personal and food hygiene have been major causes of many diseases in many countries.INDIA is no exception to this,prevailing high infant mortality rate is also largely attributed to poor sanitation

How Can You Help :

Your contribution to BREADS W.A.S.H project will support all the work we do to help people in need, such as constructing potable water systems, constructing latrines for better sanitation health, wells,organizing and training water committees, training plumbers, and educating community groups on sanitation health and the environment


What we do :

BREADS-Water and Sanitation Health works with villages to build sustainable water/sanitation systems and support health initiatives in communities. This involves finding out community needs, raising awareness about the need for improvements, and devising low-cost solutions to potable water systems and latrines. It also includes training community members in the maintenance of water and sanitation system. Provision of new systems takes place hand-in-hand with health promotion to ensure the facilities are used to improve health. Children are particularly involved in promoting health messages and improved hygiene behavior. BREAD builds wells for poor families to share.Besides using water for drinking and cooking,some families use the water to grow vegetables on their tiny plots.In this contest BREAD partnered with CRSP with the objective of improving the quality of life of the rural peope and also to provide privacy and dgnity to women.

Sponsor construction of a toilet for a poor family in a village to improve their health condition , INR 18880.00/$271 :
S.NO Purpose of Donation for one toilet for a poor family Amount in INR
1 Cement bags, steel rods, wire, foundation stone vessel (Brass) 4480
2 Indian style commode 500
3 Door, frame, net 800
4 Gravel and sand 1500
5 Labour costs for 1 day 5600
Total 18880 / $ 271