Why Oh Yes ?

Some say that the word 'concierge' is derived from a Latin word 'conservus' which translates to 'fellow slave', while some say that it has evolved from the French 'comte des cierges' , which means 'the keeper of the candles', which was essentially the main duty of concierges during the Middle Ages. Nonetheless, the meaning and the duties of the concierges have changed over time. They now perform almost every task for top-level managers, VIP customers of banks and hotels, superstars, or anyone who have enough money to outsource their work to them.

WHAT is a concierge ?

A concierge is an individual or a company which is specialised in personal assistance or any other assistance services like household management, l ifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc. and provides such personalized services to its clients (usually high-net-worth clients) at a variable price.

The idea is to save the time of the client by performing their routine or specialized tasks without any time delay.


Mobile devices and internet have changed the way concierges work. Today, a person residing in New York can ask his personal assistant residing in India to plan his trip to Egypt. All this can be done seamlessly with just one text message.

The industry is also not untapped and or under-marketed anymore. The developed technology has included AI to concierges, which has led to this industry opening gates to medium-level income clients.


OH YES is a digital platform for local service businesses in India aiming to connect 10 million customers across India with its verified service providers. Planning to establish offices across India starting with Kerala as a starting point and expanding subsequently across India.

Not just being your personal concierge but also being your personal assistant integrating all the devices in your house just through a simple Wi-Fi connection so that you do not have to run or face the twelfth hour traffic in getting service providers for the rescue of your devices.

The above vision is achieved with the integration of your devices with our APP through IOT which is the technology of tomorrow.


A franchise business is a business in which the owners, or "franchisors", sell the rights to their business logo, name, and model to third party retail outlets, owned by independent, third party operators, called "franchisees". Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business. The concept of franchising model has taken the world to a new dimension of doing business and increasing the profits of the people who are involved in the model viz., franchisors and franchisees.


Through this business model we would be able to provide a direct employment opportunity to around 0.1 million people and indirect earning opportunity to 15000 people